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CEA Life Plan Review

Introducing the Life Plan Review (LPR), an executive community program designed to enhance the personal and professional lives of top-tier leaders. Hosted by world-renowned coaches, Mark C Thompson and Marshall Goldsmith, LPR utilizes the Life Plan Review (LPR) process, inspired by the groundbreaking Business Plan Review (BPR) concept developed by Alan Mulally, former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ford Motor Company.


The program offers a unique opportunity for leaders to collaborate, hold each other accountable, and share experiences and resources to overcome challenges in their personal and professional lives. Our mission is to empower CEOs and executives to strike a balance between their career objectives and personal well-being, ensuring that they excel in all aspects of life.


12 Months 
Live Virtual

Program Fees

US $7,000 + 
US$200 application fee

For Your Team

Enroll your team and
learn with your peers

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LPR Endorsements


We were thrilled to have Mark present out our inaugural conference at our NIKE World Headquarters. His key note presentation received overwhelming high marks/feedback from all participants. Thanks for your support and follow-up.

- Suzanne Hilton-Esaki, Director of Transition Management, Nike


ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND: "Many thanks for the excellent workshop. Our clients - high potential leaders - were inspired and energized by your extraordinary message."- Johan Soor, McKinsey Sweden

Klaus Schwab.jpeg

I really enjoyed reading "Success Built to Last" and was, of course, pleased about the prominent mentioning of Davos. I wonder whether we could take the lessons and experience which you summarize in the book and use them for an interactive discussion in our "CEOs only" session in Davos. Please let me know your ideas.

- Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman; World Economic Forum


More companies around the world are incorporating strategies and approaches honed in Silicon Valley to their industries. Mark was instrumental in helping me develop and adapt my experiences and learning to transform a century-old company known for its service, into one that was leveraging leading-edge digital technology to strengthen and expand its brand. Mark's encyclopedic knowledge, ability to define practical strategies and connections to like-minded individuals was critical to our journey together. - Nik Sathe, CTO; American Express / Google Nest


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