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Case Histories

Top Financial Services Keynote Speaker

Financial Services leaders today are driving and managing the greatest disruption in history, and for your next successful event you’re looking for a visionary, an inspiring keynote speaker with credible brand-name experience in your business.

In the financial services business, Mark Thompson served as the first Chief Customer Experience Officer (CXO) in the Global Fortune 500 reporting to founder Charles ‘Chuck’ Schwab, and the company’s first chief of staff, chief communications Officer and chief investor relations officer during the IPO. 

Thompson is a founding investor and board member in 12 startups including Esurance (sold to Allstate) and a pre-IPO investor in Facebook, Netflix, Interwoven (sold to HP), Integration (sold to SiliconLabs).

Having a great leader work with our leaders has been a great gift to all of us.

Mark’s advice and coaching have been invaluable to us at the World Bank Group. He has the unique ability to sort through complexities and get to the essence of any situation, and his recommendations are always practical and spot on. With his humility and empathy, he establishes deep connections with our leaders from many different cultures and backgrounds. I am grateful for all his generous efforts in support of our organization—we have benefitted greatly from his impressive experience, management insights and his natural enthusiasm for our work.

–Dr. Jim Kim, MD, CEO, World Bank


Top Industrial, Enterprise & Manufacturing Keynote Speaker

Ford Case History

America’s iconic Ford family recruited Mark during the dramatic turnaround of the automotive enterprise, supply chain and manufacturing sectors. CEO Alan Mulally, lauded Thompson’s business experience and character:

“Mark is a wonderful person, leader, and coach! Highly recommend him!”

— Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motors


That means a lot coming from Alan Mulally, a CEO legend for the re-invention of Boeing and Ford, ranked among the world’s top 3 leaders (after the Pope!).


Delphi Case History

Thompson “hit the perfect notes” and was “spot on target” for their management and the sales team because it was customized to focus on the company’s specific challenges and opportunities for leading transformational change, accelerating growth and igniting re-invention.


CEO Kevin Clark and his team leapt to a standing ovation to acknowledge Mark for the Best Keynote at their Annual Global Management Summit and executive meetings.


Delphi Director (and Event leader) wrote, “Wow! Thanks, Mark! You were a smash hit. Please come back!” 


Tata, Maruti Susuki and Recticel Case History

Leading global brands select Thompson as their business innovation keynote for their leadership team and top customers, vendors and suppliers—the entire value chain.

Following interviews with the management team, Mark was tasked with the goal to influence profitable innovation and build a culture of sustainable quality. Most important, Mark ignited a companywide commitment to sustainable customer-centric focus through better employee engagement, talent management and accountability by their teams in India, Asia, Europe, North America and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


If you would like a standing ovation from your CEO, be careful to avoid canned generic presentations by authors and pundits who lack business leadership knowledge about your industry.

Meeting planners, speaker’s bureaus and management teams love Mark’s insistence on interviewing your clients, audience members and stakeholders BEFORE your event in order to assure relevance and support for a successful meeting.

Automotive, manufacturing technology and supply chain leaders at global brands look to Mark Thompson for insightful coaching and inspiring keynotes because he’s among the few Forbes’ Venture Investors with the ‘Midas’ Touch who’s bet on disruptive growth strategies and who shares a deep understanding as an operating executive with P&L responsibility leading distributed global teams in a historic time of unprecedented competition, increasing complexity and accelerating change.

More than any other time in history, the boss and customers demand both inspiration AND extraordinary subject matter expertise from a fellow CEO who’s built and run great businesses in times of chaotic change.

Mark’s insights about the automotive, global supply chain and manufacturing sector, along with his business experience as a Silicon Valley disrupter, a bestselling researcher at the Stanford University Venture Design Lab and his role as the Fortune 500’s first-ever Chief Customer Experience Officer, make him the best keynote speaker to assure success at your event.

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