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Chief Executive CEO TV


Join Mark for the latest episode of the Chief Executive Summit featuring John Dickerson, a renowned journalist, CBS News Prime Time anchor, and author. Together, they delve into the complexities of leadership in times of change and volatility. Through John's unique perspective, drawn from his experiences and his book 'The Hardest Job in the World', they explore various aspects of presidential leadership, including decision-making, the impact of media, team building, and adaptation to change. The dialogue also delves into the evolving role of CEOs and the intersection of politics and corporate America.

In a world driven by technology, innovation is key to success. Join me in an enlightening discussion with renowned technology leader Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T-Mobile. We explore the vital role of continuous improvement and collaboration in shaping the future of technology organizations. Discover how embracing change, setting bold, seemingly impossible goals, and fostering a culture of learning can drive transformative innovation. Don't miss this episode—your guide to thriving in the ever-evolving tech landscape!

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