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Join us for the latest episode of the Chief Executive Summit with our special guest, Jesper Nordengaard, President of Colgate-Palmolive North America, hosted by Dr. Bonita Thompson. In this captivating interview, Jesper shares his insights on collaborative leadership and managing diverse opinions within a team.

Discover how Jesper's extraordinary ability to lead Colgate-Palmolive North America stems from fostering collaboration and creating psychological safety. Gain valuable insights into building trust, encouraging constructive conflict, and embracing diverse approaches towards a common goal.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Jesper's experiences and elevate your leadership skills.

Don't miss the latest episode of the "Chief Executive Summit" featuring special guest Alan Eagle, an esteemed executive communications and leadership coach. Join us as Alan shares his expertise in helping executives and organizations discover their unique story and amplify their market presence. With a wealth of experience at Google as Director of Executive Communications, Alan has shaped the narratives of top leaders and co-authored the bestsellers "How Google Works" and "Trillion Dollar Coach." Tune in now for valuable insights and inspiration!

Join Mark for an exclusive conversation with Gail, a true legend in the world of athletics. As a 5-time Olympian, 3-time Gold Medalist, and 9-time World Champion, Gail has accomplished extraordinary feats that have inspired millions. Discover how she defied the odds and triumphed over Graves Disease, an obstacle that could have derailed her career. Gail's story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and unwavering self-belief. Learn from her firsthand experiences as she shares invaluable insights on overcoming setbacks, staying focused, and pursuing your dreams with unwavering passion. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to gain inspiration from a true champion and apply her lessons to your own journey.


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