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CEO Collaborative Events

The Chief Executive Alliance brings a unique value to executives in a curated network of clients, colleagues, unicorns, and thought leaders who provide support, expert advice and opportunities.

Clients are invited to join the virtual LPR Groups, as well as participate in events around the country with peers for learning,
development and networking.

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Abu Dhabi HR Summit

Mark and Bonita Thompson are honored to be keynote speakers and the workshop hosts this year at the 10th annual Abu Dhabi GOV HR Summit. Mark will be bringing special guests to his keynote this year, including His Excellency Al Shorafa, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

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Global Gurus NY Reception 2022

Mark and Bonita Thompson hosted the Global Gurus New York 2022 reception this year at their Manhattan apartment. The evening included Broadway musical guests and celebrated the incredible winners of every Global Gurus category.

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JA Nobel Nomination Dinner 2022

Honoring the incredible nomination Junior Achievement Worldwide received this year to the Nobel Peace Prize, Mark was pleased to host the JA Board and distinguished guests at Momofuku's Saam Bar in New York for a celebration dinner.

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Conference Board Conference 2022

This year, Mark and Dr. Bonita Thompson hosted a keynote for the Conference Board's annual Executive Coaching Redefined Summit! Featuring amazing interviews with top CEOs and leaders around the world, the Thompsons highlighted the advice and powerful stories from these executives for their audience.

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Goldsmith Thompson Growth Leadership Accelerator 2019

Hosted by Mark Thompson and Marshall Goldsmith in partnership with 100 Coaches, this exclusive gathering featured interviews and talks from global CEOs and more.

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Intel Conference 2018

Featuring a talk on behavioral psychology and cognitive leadership, Mark and Bonita Thompson hosted an interactive session at Intel's headquarters.

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Napa Valley Gathering 2019

Heading into wine country in the beautiful Napa Valley, California, Mark Thompson hosted clients, friends and 100 Coaches members for a day with connection and learning. 

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Lyft Event 2019

Coaching client, friend and Founder of Lyft, Logan Green, invited Mark and a select group for a tour of the Lyft offices in California and an exclusive look at

this fast-growing company.

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World Business Forum 2019

Mark was honored to join Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin, on the stage where they talked about what it takes to be a serial entrepreneur, reinvent yourself and your brand,

and stay ahead of competition.

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LEAP Coaching Summit 2019

Mark and Bonita Thompson hosted a summit and workshop over 3 days with clients in building their leadership strengths, increasing team collaboration and more. This trip also included the ultimate leap of faith - skydiving!

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CoachSource Forum

Hosted in Austin, TX this year, the annual CoachSource Forum hosts its amazing executive coaches and professionals from around the country. Keynoting this year's session, Mark Thompson will talk about Handshakes to Hugs in the C-Suite.

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NASDAQ Interview 2022

Byron Loflin, Head of Board Engagement at NASDAQ, hosted Mark Thompson at the Times Square studio for an exclusive interview on Executive and Board Engagement, and trends for companies as we head into 2023.

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Economic World Forum 2022

Headed to Davos this year, the World Economic Forum will be a time for incredible learning, insights, and networking with connections around the world.

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Stanford CEO Summit 2020-2021

During a time where clients and colleagues couldn't convene in person, Mark took the Stanford CEO Summit to the virtual platform, interviewing over 100 amazing guests over 2 years on leadership, career advice and more.

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Silicon Slopes 2019

Mark sat down with Aicha Evans, CEO of Zoox, and Wim Elfrink, former Founding Executive of Cisco, at the Silicon Slopes 2019 Conference.

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Pinterest Conference 2019

Mark interviewed Co-Founders Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann at the Pinterest headquarters in

San Francisco for a private event and reception.

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Zero G Event 2019

Teaming up with Evan Sharp, Co-Founder of Pinterest,

Mark was able to take his clients to space with the

Zero G experience.

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HP Garage Gathering 2019

Hosted with Enrique Lores, CEO of HP, Mark Thompson and a private group had dinner at the garage where HP began in Palo Alto, California.

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Berkshire Hathaway Conference 2018

Invited as a keynote for the Berkshire Hathaway Conference, Mark talked about how to become an admired CEO, and make a business and brand that stays successful through changes to every landscape.

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Harvard McLean School of Medicine Institute of Coaching Event

Mark has Co-Chaired the Institute of Coaching for many years and was thrilled to host the advanced coaching workshop at Harvard. 

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