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Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Group


"There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions--in a way that serves the world and you...(Mark) reveals a meaningful 'secret formula' for success based on the lives of remarkable people. Mark and Bonita reveal powerful strategies from their latest research that will help you make it happen. "

Sir Richard selected Mark as one of 6 judges globally for his entrepreneurship competitions, and Mark is a founding advisor to the Branson Entrepreneurship Centers.

Adrian Mitchell



"Our friendship and collaboration over the past year have been truly incredible. I'm so grateful to have you in my life, as a partner. What I've loved about our process is the ability to figure out how I address the gaps. When you're reflective, you can see the indicators, but you may not understand the root cause. You may not have the tools to adjust. How do you really elevate the ability to lead others to a whole different level? The toolkits and the exercises we went through, that's such an invaluable asset. Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate it."

Evan Sharp



"My journey at Pinterest started coding alone in an apartment. Today I help lead a team that builds a product used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Having Mark as a coach has been transformative for me and the business. He has the EQ, IQ and experience to read our team, give insightful feedback and provide the simplest and direct course to address difficult leadership issues. When I get stuck, Mark helps me focus and push through the ambiguities. His availability, responsiveness and friendship have become invaluable to me."

Dave Chang


Founder & Chef

"I'm grateful to Mark for coaching our CEO through our biggest transformation."

Vinod Kumar

Vodafone Business


"Mark brings an uncanny knack to blend his rich experiences in the corporate world, academia, and as an entrepreneur into his advice and coaching."

Charles R. Schwab

Charles Schwab Corp


"Thanks for Mark's contributions to Schwab's successes!

Mark is a venture investor with Chuck Schwab's family and served as Chief Customer Experience Officer, Chief Communications Officer and Chief Investor Relations Officer during his dozen years at The Charles Schwab Corporation.

Margaret Moore

Harvard Medical School Institute of Coaching


"Thank you for your brilliant contribution to our Harvard coaching conference. We were inspired by your ability to draw out extraordinary stories and bring your wisdom and insight to a deeply enriching conversation."

Laura V. Morrison

New York Stock Exchange

Sr. Vice President

"I just saw Mark's presentation and I was really intrigued by how he scoped out what success means. It really hit the nail on the head on many different aspects. I could see that Mark really understands the opportunities within our industry--who's making it grow and where we're heading. So it's time to do bigger and better things."

Aaron B. Steers-Smith

U.S. Dept. of State

Foreign Affairs Officer

"I just wanted to say thanks for your great work in Costa Rica and also for meeting our colleague in Singapore. Please let me know of any upcoming international trips when you might be available to speak at an embassy- or consulate-sponsored event. And as always, we hope to have a program request come in that would leverage your unique speaking skills and topics. If so, we'll reach out to you."

Brian O. Underhill, Ph.D.


Founder & CEO

"Mark is one of our most-requested coaches for C-Suite executives at CoachSource. His former experience as a Schwab executive, his consulting assignments with name-brand and start-up companies, combined with his all-around great friendly demeanor make him an instant hit at any company he visits. Despite this incredible background, he is also one of the most humble down-to-earth guys in the field. He is amazingly responsive, incredibly easy to work with, and treats everyone he meets as if they are the most important person in the world at the moment. Congratulations on a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award to Mark Thompson!"

Jill Robinson

Center for Executive Education at Belmont University

Director of Executive Learning and Marketing

"Yes!! So fun that my group loved you...knew they would and they are so good to book our speakers for other events/conferences. (Dollar General was in the audience and immediately booked you!) Good news! Enjoyed having you here Already miss having you in town! Come back soon…"

Tricia Maslov

KPMG Executive Education

Managing Director

"Your presentation was fantastic and was quite well received based on the feedback I have been receiving. Thank you also for taking the time to join us and our attendees at our reception--I know they enjoyed connecting with you in a casual setting. Thanks again!"

Jim Hinton

Prebs Health Care


"You touched our hearts and heads for our 100th Centennial Celebration. Health care is going through extraordinary change and thanks for recognizing who we are and what makes this community successful."

Don Chalmers

Chalmers Ford

Board President of Alb Chamber and owner

""You provided a marvelous way to celebrate our Centennial. Thanks so very much for being here to make it a great success and a shining example of Success Built to Last."

Richard McIntyre

DWM Securities, Chairman's Club & President Club National Conference

Head of Retail

"Mark, the pleasure was all mine. Having you offer your insights and experience to our conference was first-class. These were the Chairman's Club and President's Club winners -- the top performers from 1,000 financial advisors across the nation. The feedback was fabulous. Please look me up the next time you're in town. I'll chat to my little guy about becoming an Internet sensation!! Take care and thanks again."

Brandi Stankovic, Ed.D.

Mitchell, Stankovic, and Associates

Managing Partner

"Thank you for your amazing session last week in New Orleans! Credit Unions from across the US will be more energized and ready to take action. I loved your piece on Engagement...Play to be remembered; Let death be your advisor; Determine the legacy. And Teamwork...Scale your business; How can I scale the business if I do it all? Loved it all. Please keep in touch- would love to work with you again."

Nichole Wenderlich

Famous Entrepreneurs Series

Board of Director

NEW YORK: "Thank you again for joining us for The Famous Entrepreneurs Series. It was both a pleasure to meet you and hear you speak. Our members found much value in your lecture and hopefully are able to integrate some of your strategies into their businesses to create positive economic growth."

Scott Hays


Sr. Director, Product Marketing

"Mark did the guest keynote at the KANAConnect annual customer conference. He not only did a great job delivering the keynote, he took the time to get to know our business, our solutions, and, most importantly, some of our customers before the conference. That's his style. He's just a very engaging personality. He's winsome and affable and that is contagious. Working with Mark and his team was effortless and his flexibility to custom-fit our needs made the whole experience a 10 out of 10."

Ibrahim Ahmed Al Mansoori


Chief Operations Officer

"After the successful conclusion of the 10th INSME Annual Meeting and Forum, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development would like to extend its deepest thanks and appreciation to your good self. Your vast expertise and valuable contribution truly enriched the forum. We look forward to continued cooperation with you in the near future."

Gene Longobardi

Online Trading Academy

Chief Operating Officer

"Online Trading Academy is a franchise organization that teaches people to trade and invest; we are a global organization. We had Mark Thomson as our keynote speaker and a workshop presenter for our franchise owners and our entire franchise network. It's a big annual once-a-year event, everyone is there. Mark was amazing; he really inspired the crowd. Our theme was world class, and we needed a world class speaker who could speak to world class experiences and how companies become world class. Mark was a guy who really brought that message home, got people fired up, and more than that, it was like he fit with our team. It was like he was a member of the franchise family, a member of our community. So the fit was perfect. The workshop was great."

Brian Grafsgaard

Project Management Institute

Strategy & Execution Leader

"Very pleased to have met you at the PM conference as well. They picked the perfect speaker for the event as you clearly understand portfolio, program, and (especially) project management. Portfolio and program management define and monitor the delivery of value and project management provides the legs to perform delivery. Many speakers don't fully understand the concepts and it is telling in their presentations. You hit it right on the head. Very well done and very informative message."

Dave Coplin


Chief Envisioning Officer

"I really enjoyed your session. Like you, I'm convinced so much can be solved with #engagement!"

Mike Rossi

Medallion Financial Distributors


"I wanted to once again thank you for taking the time to speak to our group yesterday in ATL. You are a truly gifted individual and are certainly doing what you love, and in this day and age, that's quite an accomplishment.

Tracy Christman

Budget Blinds

Vice President of Vendor Alliance

Words cannot express how amazing you were today! Passion!!! You have passion in your love to teach others. Thank you for making a impact on my organization. You are appreciated more than you know. Safe Travels and we will be in touch!

Tom Pierson

Association of Chambers of Commerce


"Mark just spoke at our conference, and let me tell you, he was one of the best speakers we've had. Mark just really honed in on the needs we have as chamber executives and professionals in our communities, and we're really excited to take what he gave us, the tools he gave us and really put those to work in our communities. And so, just really appreciate Mark's words and this time that he took with us today."

Sarah Hirshland

U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee


"Mark's support and guidance lifted me, pushed me and motivated me to be better and do more. He also helped me open up to share my inner thoughts and doubts... and it made all the difference in the toughest moments. Thank you, Mark!"

Carlos Abrams-Rivera

The Kraft Heinz Company

Chief Executive Officer

"So many great insights from Mark. Plus, he is such a high quality human, it is a privileged to have him as a Coach."

Eric Kessenich

US Venture

Chief Executive Officer

“Day 1 as CEO officially in the books, and the lights are still on. :) Just want to say thanks for all that you have done to help me get here as CEO and ensure that it’s a smooth transition with the new Chairman & Board.”

Christiano Amon



"Mark was instrumental as an experienced voice, trusted by our Board during my journey into the CEO role."

Dr. Jim Kim, MD

World Bank Group


"Mark's advice and coaching have been invaluable to us at the World Bank Group. He has the unique ability to sort through complexities and get to the essence of any situation, and his recommendations are always practical and spot on. With his humility and empathy, he establishes deep connections with our leaders from many different cultures and backgrounds. I am grateful for all his generous efforts in support of our organization--we have benefitted greatly from his impressive experience, management insights and his natural enthusiasm for our work. Having a great leader work with our leaders has been a great gift to all of us"

Magdalena Nowicka Mook

International Coaching Federation


"It was such a pleasure and honor to have you (the world’s #1 CEO coach) present to our Global International Coaching Federation audience!"

Klaus Schwab

World Economic Forum

Founder and Chairman

"I really enjoyed reading "Success Built to Last" and was, of course, pleased about the prominent mentioning of Davos. I wonder whether we could take the lessons and experience which you summarize in the book and use them for an interactive discussion in our "CEOs only" session in Davos. Please let me know your ideas."

Jaime Weber


Sales Excellence Operations Manager

"I loved that your presentation included universally relatable examples and memorable images! Plus, you clearly had a passion for the subject matter, which just makes it that much more engaging and interesting! Please send presentation!"

Matthew Kirk

The Hartford

SVP Sales and Distribution

"Mark just spoke to a room full of our top performers. He brought in the concepts for long term success from many global business leaders, put the ideas into real world context - how each person interacts with our brokers and agents--he wove it all together beautifully. You could see in everyone's faces that it was a great event, something that they will remember."

Maggie Hulce


EVP and GM

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for your coaching and guidance over the last few years! I am without question a better leader and person as a result of everything I have learned from you."

Johan Soor

McKinsey Sweden

Associate Principal

ST. MORITZ, SWITZERLAND: "Many thanks for the excellent workshop. Our clients - high potential leaders - were inspired and energized by your extraordinary message."

Patrik Ekman

SpeakersForum Europe


"In my 11 years in speaking business I have seen quite a few good speakers. And then there are the greats ones!

Mark can truly make the audience see the points clearly and make his ideas stick. The only thing you wish for is that the speech would not end until you picked his brain thoroughly. Marks points works as well in Europe as any where in the world where organizations wants to improve their businesses."

Glen R. Anderson

Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

Executive Vice President

"Mark, a more formal congratulations letter is due you as I just returned to the office. Wow, they really enjoyed the presentation. Thank you and great work!"

John Assaraf

OneCoach, NYTimes bestselling author and star of The Secret


"Mark's extraordinary success in business and in life shines in every room, and I love how deeply he loves his family!"

Tony Bingham



"Your keynote address was extremely well received...thanks for helping make this year's ASTD Leaders Conference the most successful to date!"

Nicole Zafian

International Coach Federation

Assistant Director of Education

"Let me start off by extending my sincere gratitude for your presentation at the ICF Advance Forward event. Your amazing presence and ability to engage the audience were awe-inspiring. My colleagues and I greatly appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time, energy, and insights. Thank you so much again for your expertise and generosity."

Tom Galati

Online Trading Academy

Director of Sales

"I would strongly encourage anyone who is really looking to better their business to definitely move forward and have Mark speak at your company, at your events. We have a very powerful company and a very great culture, and I was amazed with the amount of love that came out of these breakout sessions and meetings. I think all of us at our company ended up finding out a lot more about ourselves, and how we can grow our business, just in the short period of time, the one day we got to spend with him. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their business."

Todd Jackson

Budget Blinds

Co-Founder, COO

"Great speech today. It was interesting as we've grown our business over 20 years and to do the things that you're saying and put into place, we've had to learn the hard way. I wish I would have met you 20 years ago, we probably would have been here 15 years ago. So appreciate your enthusiasm; your charisma is just amazing. Thank you very much."

Jen Sweeney


TEC Marketing Project Manager

"I do not have words that could thank you enough for referring Mark Thompson. He was just outstanding. What a great man, so sincere and genuine. Of all of our speakers over the last 11 years of Inspirational Leadership, I have to say that I personally connected with him the most."

John O'Donnell


Chief Knowledge Officer

"I can't recommend high enough Mark Thomson. He was the keynote speaker at our annual convention here in Irvine, California. I enjoyed his presentation very much, and it was moving, inspiring and uplifting. You are an inspiration for this chapter of my life. Thanks for speaking at our conference!"

John Assaraf

NeuroGym, NYTimes bestselling author and star of The Secret

Chairman & CEO

"In working with Mark, I've discovered that he's a walking encyclopedia of strategies, tactics and world-class connections for achieving the highest levels of personal and team performance. He shows up ready to play full on with a deeply connected heart and mind."

Robbie Glasser

Pharmacy Development Services

General Manager

"Thank you so much for speaking during the PDS Conference today. You were amazing! I wish more people realized the motivating factor humble beginnings produce. If I'm correct, you, Steve Jobs and Richard Branson have similar starts in life plus faced dyslexia. It helps to know dyslexics can succeed in spite of the daily social challenges."

John R. Howman

Allied Consulting Group, YPO

Business Consultant

"I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks again for making our Inspirational Leadership event the best ever. You sold out the event and I can definitely say, since working with you, this event has risen to a new level!"

Stuart Cochran


Chief Technology Officer

"Thank you @XeroxEvents, an inspiring #SimpleAtWork esp talks by Baroness Shields, Mark Thompson, Sir Ken Robinson, and @Xerox CEO Ursula Burns"

Brian Sen

Entrepreneur's Organization

VP & Education Director

"I really enjoyed your presentation and wished we had scheduled you for more time. I can definitely say that your presentation was one of the best I've ever seen. I hope we can have you again. Thanks again for speaking to us!"

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