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CEO Talent Development

“Mark Thompson has helped more than 90 CEO candidates get promoted to CEO and more than 100 rise to the C-Suite – more than any executive coach in history.”

– Dr. Marshall Goldsmith


Family Business Leadership

“If members of your family are privileged to lead a portfolio of companies as CEOs, Chairmen and Board Members, Mark Thompson has the extensive international executive experience.”

Richard Branson,

Virgin Group Founder

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CEO Collaborative Events

The Chief Executive Alliance brings a unique value to executives in a curated network of clients, colleagues, unicorns, and thought leaders who provide support, expert advice and opportunities. 

CEO Leadership Growth Accelerator Process

Experience Mark Thompson's CEO Leadership Growth Accelerator, a one-year personalized coaching program developed alongside 83 organizations and top CEOs. Under Mark's guidance, enhance your leadership skills, connect with industry leaders, and join an exclusive CEO community. The program focuses on five core principles: Business & Board KPIs, CEO MBO Assessment, Chief Executive Alliance, Executive Team Accelerator, and Business Plan Review + Life Plan Review. With 24/7 access to Mark's expert coaching and global networking opportunities, accelerate your professional growth, drive remarkable transformations, and optimize your team's performance in a fast-paced market.

CEO Leadership Growth Accelerator: 5 Key Principles

  1. Business & Board KPIs

    • Tailored coaching for your unique business context

      • Understand your business

      • Bridge board & management gaps

      • Achieve higher expectations

  2. CEO MBO Assessment

    • A personalized workplan for success

      • Co-create a plan

      • Manage Energy/Time across Six Qs

      • Learn from peer CEOs' experiences

  3. Chief Executive Alliance

    • Exclusive global CEO community

      • Network with top 1% leaders

      • Attend private dinners

      • Gain peer support

  4. Executive Team Accelerator

    • Unlock your team's full potential

      • Assess & optimize team dynamics

      • Dismantle barriers

      • Build high-performance teams

  5. Business Plan Review + Life Plan Review

    • Align leadership behaviors with business goals

      • LPR Process

      • Learn from The Earned Life

      • Develop accountable executives

Bonus: Stanford Sloan Executive & Team Development

  • Expand your skills with top-tier resources

    • Access seminars, books, and research

    • Join C-Level executives

    • Learn from leading CEOs' interviews



"Mark's support and guidance lifted me, pushed me and motivated me to be better and do more. He also helped me open up to share my inner thoughts and doubts... and it made all the difference in the toughest moments. Thank you, Mark!"- Sarah Hirshland | CEO of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee


"Mark was instrumental as an experienced voice, trusted by our Board during my journey into the CEO role."- Cristiano Amon | CEO, Qualcomm


"My journey at Pinterest started coding alone in an apartment. Today I help lead a team that builds a product used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Having Mark as a coach has been transformative for me and the business. He has the EQ, IQ and experience to read our team, give insightful feedback and provide the simplest and direct course to address difficult leadership issues. When I get stuck, Mark helps me focus and push through the ambiguities. His availability, responsiveness and friendship have become invaluable to me."- Evan Sharp | Co-Founder, Pinterest


Mark’s advice and coaching have been invaluable to us at the World Bank Group. He has the unique ability to sort through complexities and get to the essence of any situation; and his recommendations are always practical and spot on. With his humility and empathy, he establishes deep connections with our leaders from many different cultures and backgrounds. I am grateful for all his generous efforts in support of our organization - we have benefitted greatly from his impressive experience, management insights and his natural enthusiasm for our work. Having a great leader work with our leaders has been a great gift to all of us.

Dr. Jim Yong Kim , Former President / WorldBank

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“I love who you are, what you do and how you do it! I will always treasure our “working together” and your leadership, partnership and friendship…..and our service for the greater good! Thank you!”Alan Mulally, Former CEO / Ford Motor Co


"Our friendship and collaboration over the past year have been truly incredible. I'm so grateful to have you in my life, as a partner. What I've loved about our process is the ability to figure out how I address the gaps. When you're reflective, you can see the indicators, but you may not understand the root cause. You may not have the tools to adjust. How do you really elevate the ability to lead others to a whole different level? The toolkits and the exercises we went through, that's such an invaluable asset. Thank you so much, I deeply appreciate it."- Adrian Mitchell, CFO & COO / Macy's


Chief Executive Series



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