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Family Business Leadership

“If members of your family are privileged to lead a portfolio of companies as CEOs, Chairmen and Board Members, Mark Thompson has the extensive international executive experience, deep caring and class to help the current leadership and then next generation grow from good to great, and work together better than ever before.”

- Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder

Understanding the unique relationships and increasingly complex dynamics of multi-generational, high-impact, highly-educated, wealthy families who manage a web of founding partnerships is critical to the growth of your companies, but most important, your rich legacy and the quality of life for your family for generations to come. Mark will curate for you five step executive coaching program that embraces each and every the family member executives to (1) Create and Accelerate individual leadership development for each generation, (2) Ignite better teamwork (3) Unlock log-jams and festering disputes, (4) Curate a Stronger Family Constitution and (5) Build Greater International Executive Partnerships, Network and Community at every level.

Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, Founders of Pinerest

Having Mark as a coach has been transformative for me and the business. He has the EQ, IQ and experience to read our team, give insightful feedback and provide the simplest and most direct course to address difficult leadership issues. When I get stuck, Mark helps me focus and push through the ambiguities. His availability, responsiveness and friendship have become invaluable to me. 

Evan Sharp
Co-Founder, Pinterest


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Schwab Family

Charles Schwab

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Branson Family

Virgin Group of Companies

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David Chang & Marguerite Mariscal

Founder / CEO / Momofuku

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Pranay Agrawal & Srikanth Velamakanni

Co-CEOs / Fractal Analysis

“Mark has always been here for Schwab 24/7 to help us get through even the most difficult times and come out stronger and better for our people.”

-Charles Schwab, Founder

"Mark’s secret formula for success is based on the practice and performance of remarkable leaders…Mark reveals powerful strategies that will help you make it happen.”

Richard Branson, Founder

“I feel indebted to Mark for helping Momofuku…with wisdom and understanding. He’s done a great job supporting our CEO and has always been there for us through the transformation.”

David Chang, Founder

"Mark has brought us together to be more effective leaders and accomplish so much more than we dreamed possible! Leading us through our behavioral coaching journey, Mark knew just what we needed at every step of the way - bringing us up both as individual leaders, and as a team."

Pranay Agrawal, Co-CEO

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