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Promotion Highlights

Experience the power of transformation through Mark Thompson's CEO Leadership Growth Accelerator Coaching Program. These clients are just a few who have harnessed their potential, reached new heights in their careers, and influenced their organizations and industries in significant ways.

Sarah Hirschland

U.S. Olympic Committee


First-time CEO Sarah Hirschland (Following the Olympics’ worst scandals and congressional hearings, CEO Sarah Hirschland steps in at the lowest point in history to restore the reputation of one of the world’s most famous brands)

Cristiano Amon



Cristiano brief story and description here.

Adrian Mitchell



The only C-Level executive ever to add the role of COO to his position of CFO in retailing history.

Jesper D. Nordengaard


President, North America

Jesper began working with Mark as Head of Global Marketing and Innovation for Hill's Pet Nutrition.

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