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Leadership Plan Review

Hosted by Mark C Thompson and Marshall Goldsmith

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The LPR process integrates all that Marshall and Mark have learned over the years from the great work of their friend and former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally.


Alan created the Business Plan Review, a process for his leadership teams that tracked all the Key Performance Indicators for each leader's business division. Each week, Alan held a team meeting in which the heads of every department marked each KPI as green, yellow or red - indicating whether they were on plan; not on plan, but had ideas for how to get back on track; or were not on plan and were stuck.

When leaders had red indicators on their sheets, they discussed the issue as a group, giving one another ideas from experiences, resourcing experts from different teams, and collaborating to find real solutions for each team.

The Leadership Plan (LPR) process takes the accountability and collaboration elements of Alan's Business Plan Review, and transfers this to a leader's personal and professional goals.

At the first session, leaders are challenged to start a spreadsheet with six, active questions to be asking themselves daily:

"Did I do my best to...

  • Set clear goals?

  • Make progress toward goal achievement?

  • Be happy?

  • Find meaning?

  • Build positive relationships?

  • Be fully engaged?

From this start, leaders add as many additional questions as they'd like around goals for relationships, physical and mental health, specific goal achievement, time management and more.

At each session, the leaders brief the group on their rankings for themselves on progress for each question, and have opportunities to discuss ideas for improvement.

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